There is no do-it-yourself method to combat termites, this is an incredibly dangerous pest that requires a fully trained and certified professional team to treat. The longer you go without termite protection, the more dangerous it is for your home and loved ones. Termite-infested buildings have been known to collapse onto the inhabitants with catastrophic results.

If you are about to build, even if the land you choose doesn't have termite activity right now, it would be far cheaper and safer to take preemptive measures in advance of an infestation to ensure you don't fall victim to termites in the future. The peace of mind alone is more than worth it.

It's makes sense to treat the plot of land for termites before construction to save yourself and your wallet untold grief in the future. Please contact us with details of the building site for more information on how we can treat it before you start building.


Each building has its individual structure therefore a field inspection must be done by our experts for the extermination after an infestation or for preventive treatment.

During its construction, a building needs 3-5 preventative treatments.


This treatment is for houses built by the conventional method with foundations. For any other type of building constructed using different methods please ask us for a separate on site research.

To the exterior of the residence, we drill with 10mm drillbits within the soil (about 1 metre deep into the soil and use chemicals in the form of long-lasting microcapsules). At the areas where termite tunnels are traced, chemicals are injected as per the permitted flow (between 50-100 litres).

Where there is no permitted flow we pump chemicals.

Inside the house the same method is used through the door-frames. We remove the doors’ outer frames that need to be removed and drill 1 metre into and channel chemicals into the soil the same way as we do outside the house. We also place chemicals in all the cabinets on the ground floor).

For this type of treatment there is no need for the residents to leave the house.

Depending on the size of the house, the treatment takes 3-5 hours.

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